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Luzaw Sayami

Accidents happen unannounced so it's better to be prepared all the time

Luzaw Sayami

“Accidents happen unannounced so it’s better to be prepared all the time” says the rider Luza Sayami.

It is a matter of fact that accidents are rarely a planned incident. They can happen in any spur of the moment. We, as an individual, all we can do is take preventive safety measures.

The story covers a rider having an eleven years of riding experience. From riding his dad’s motorcycle to reducing the fear of injury using the safety gears, this rider has done it all! However, a mishap did happen!

We had a small discussion revolving around his stories and the mishap of course and took some of the excerpts:

1. Please elaborate the mishap (accident).

– To be honest I don’t have any trace of memory of the incident, all I remember was leaving for Chabahil from Kalimati and, I was in a hurry. However, according to the local people around the place, I hit an electricity pole in an attempt to dodge a crossing pedestrian. Apparently I head-butted the pole, leading to my unconsciousness. I received several cuts in my head owing it to my unreliable helmet other than that there were no serious injuries. Besides that I had nerve injury in my left shoulder.

2. What safety gears were you using during the mishap?

– Riding gloves, helmet and converse shoe.

3. What, according to you, are the most important safety gears and why?

– Accidents happen unannounced so it better to be prepared all the time. Since it is not possible to wear all riding gears every time, I think wearing proper gloves, shoe that covers your ankle and helmets that meets minimum safety standards will keep you on the safer side.

4. Please share an interesting instance of your riding journeys and how a safety gear helped you.

– I often used to ride my dad’s motorcycle in alley ways before I got my license. And this one time while making a U-turn, I lost balance and almost dropped the motorcycle in the ditch. That time, I severely injured my toe, as I was wearing flip-flops. But I was worried more about ruining my dad’s motorcycle than my toe. From there on I always wear a proper shoe while riding.

After I got my own motorcycle I went out alone to ride whenever I was free. I always go wherever I can find winding roads and ride back and forth trying my limits to lean. I couldn’t give my best because it felt like I could hurt my legs if so I fell. Then one day I bought a set of knee guards from my cousin. I tried them on and as I got used to the knee pads, the fear gradually reduced and I could push more lean-angle into corners. I can say that gears help me overcome my fear while riding.

5. Please give a short message for other riders.

– Like Guy Martin said “We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for the good time”. Riding is fun, riding is meant to be enjoyable. But that don’t mean streets and highway are the place for you to push your limits. Consider that there are other people also that share the same road. Ride safe and ride smart.


This story surely gives us many strong messages. One, we got to be aware of what our fears are and how we’re gonna overcome them. Two, consideration is the basic of humanity. Three, we live in a society with other people, thus we got to be sensible enough, Lastly, accidents do give us a lesson, but preventive measures give us protection against the accidents.


Never let the stumble in the road be the end of the journey. Don’t watch behind, keep safety in mind !


Covered By: Yashaswi Surana

Rider: Luza Sayami



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