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AGV K1 Qualify (Black Neon Green)


AGV K1 Qualify (Black Neon Green)

30,000.00 25,000.00

  • Thermoplastic outer shell with compact shape provides comfort, aerodynamic efficiency, and safety
  • 4 densities EPS structure of the inner shell insures superior protection against impacts
  • Derived directly from Pista GP R, the central front air intake is MotoGP-developed and it’s designed to let more air into the helmet when the rider is in racing position
  • The rear spoiler is wind-tunnel tested to maximize aerodynamic efficiency and ventilation also at high speeds
  • AGV K1’s base profile is shaped to be safer in case of collision, reducing the potential pressure on the collarbone that can be generated in an accident.
  • AGV K1 features a panoramic visor that allows a horizontal view of 190° for unlimited field of vision.
  • Dry-Comfort interiors deliver radical comfort and superior head stabilization in every riding situation, while allowing an easy slipping-on.
  • The Micro Opening system is an easy-to-use and immediate feature to let air in while maintaining the visor in place.
  • Weight 1500g
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