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Insurance Policy

We are back with the insurance policy from 21st January, 2019 (Tuesday). Under this policy, we have different product varieties offering you different range of insurance. These are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Following are the terms and conditions for the insurance policy.

1.Insurance service is available only on ‘insurance eligible’ products.

2. The amount of insurance depends on the product that the buyer purchase. Different products will have different benefits.

3. The amount of insurance can be claimed for an ‘insurance eligible’ product one-at-a-time. This means than multiple purchase of products won’t increase the insurance amount or insurance period. Also, summing up of the price of different products to meet the amount would not be eligible

4. Helmets Nepal offers insurance on the purchase of its products. It is not responsible for any changes made by the insurance company after the insurance is issued.

5. The insurance is not transferable. The policyholder is the person whose name will be mentioned in the purchase bill.

6.Insurance offer is not applicable for special discounts or giveaways.

7. Insurance is only provided upon the purchase of the product. As Helmets Nepal provide 2 day return period, the policy start date is after the 2 day trial and the policy will end exactly 1 year to the date of purchase. The policy expires after the completion of that year.

8. The benefit will not be provided in case of suicide, act of treason or any other illegal acts.

9. The benefit will be provided regardless of the nature of the demise; both accidental and non-accidental.

10. Helmets Nepal can use photographs of the insurance receiver to whom the benefit has been provided, in different medias.

11. Helmets Nepal will pay insurance premium on behalf of the buyers and won’t be involved in any sorts of further disputes.

12. The benefit can only be claimed if the demise of the policyholder is within 1 year of the purchase of the product from Helmets Nepal.

Terms and Conditions may change without any prior notice.


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