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It’s better to be safe than sorry. Riding motorcycles without wearing helmets can be risky. You never know when things might go wrong. So it is important to wear helmets, not just for the sake of the law, but for your own safety as well. All of us have different budget varying with our own choices; some of us might choose to wear half helmets over full helmets or even dirt. Choosing a helmet isn’t an easy job. Here we have three different types of helmets.

1. Half Helmets:

The first two helmets are Studds Dude and SMK Stream which falls under the half helmets category.

  • Studs Dude:

Studds Dude is one of the best sporting helmets for men with customization for both summer and winter. It Comes with visor that is comparatively longer than other half Helmets that protects you from dirt and pollution at just Rs 1,620/-, but if you’re a lady and looking for a similar helmet then we have the Studds dame. It has a small cut hole at the back to fit your ponytail. For couples, who want to match their helmets, these two helmets might be the one you’re looking for.

  • SMK Stream:

On the other hand there is the ECE certified SMK Stream helmet which has superior removable inner puddings and safety features such as efficient ventilation system and one touch replaceable visor which gives the rider an excellent view of the road. If you don’t mind spending more for some additional safety features, then you definitely should look at this helmet. The price for this helmet is Rs 7,020/-.


2. Full Helmets:

Moving along, for daily commuters, who are planning to buy a full face helmet, Studds Thunder, Bilmola NEX, and Airoh Valor helmets could be one that you might want to buy.

  • Studds Thunder:

Studds thunder, it is made of thermoplastic shell. It comes with washable and removable liners that ensure hygiene of you and your helmet. This helmet has dynamic ventilation system and the aerodynamic design is something that you’ll not regret spending Rs 3,395/- on.

  • Bilmola NEX:

If you’re someone who loves to flaunt with style, then the Bilmola NEX, is the right choice for you. It comes at Rs 12,000 and there are no compromises with shock resistance thermoplastic shell and super comfortable interior liners. This is a helmet you won’t regret to have it in your collection.

  • Airoh Valor:

Valor, by an Italian company is yet another strong and angular helmet. The integrated ventilation system ensures comfortable rides, while the graphics emphasis on its dynamism and personality. Adding more to it, Airoh has an anti fog visor and hypoallergenic liners, to help you especially in winters. All this comes at Rs 19,400/- with exciting graphics. But if you can compromise on the graphics, or need a plain white helmet then you can get it at Rs 18,400/-. However both theses helmets have crossed our budget margin, by slight numbers. But I couldn’t resist myself talking about these helmets, as they deliver such great features.


3. Dirt Helmets:
For those who are born for dirt. Vega mount and Bilmola destroyer are the two best helmets of different range.

  • Vega Mount:

Vega mount, an entry level helmet featuring aerodynamic shape, equipped with a quick visor for your ease. It has a visor made up of poly carbonate material accompanied with a secondary sun visor which gives complete protection to your eyes. Also without forgetting to mention about the vent, it has total 9 vents. The vent at the mouth features a honeycomb design that gives this helmet an attractive look. What more could you ask for at just Rs 5,010/-.

  • Bilmola Destroyer:

Bilmola destroyer, an ECE certified helmet that comes with a shock resistant thermoplastic shell material. This helmet also provides good air flow through its active air interior liner to make you feel more comfortable, in addition to it, the helmet comes with highly comfortable padding to give you that feel of premium quality helmets, which all comes down to the price of just 14,500/-


These are some of the best helmets that we can get under NPR 18K. However choices and budgets aren’t just the only factors contributing to buy a perfect helmet. There are many other factors that one must look for before buying a Helmet.

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