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The right way of riding your bike on the wet roads

The right way of riding your bike on the wet roads

When you think of riding your bikes, you might imagine an enjoyable ride through your favorite scenic area during pleasant weather. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Unpredictable weather means changing riding conditions, and you must adapt to situations that may affect the road or impact your ability to safely operate a motorcycle.

Rainy season provides unique challenges for motorcycle riders. I do not think that there’s anyone out there who, when looking out the window and seeing a downpour, will say “ohhh great! it’s raining, let’s go for a bike ride”. However lot of bikers flatly refuse to go out riding when it rains.  

Here are some tips for you to ride the right way which may help you handle the road and not refrain you from going out on a ride during rainy season :



  • Dress appropriately for a soggy ride


Firstly,  riders must know how to properly navigate slippery roads and dress for a soggy ride. One of the most important thing is that you have to dress appropriately. Having your normal jacket (windcheater) and trousers might not be enough. If there’s a light drizzle, it probably will not be a problem, but when there’s consistent rain, water will get through your clothes onto your body, and that is not fun! Getting wet, or at least humid, when riding is distracting and very uncomfortable. You can get a cold, or worse. So whatever you do, make sure the clothing you use during a rainy ride is rain proof.



  • Reduce your speed


If you need to ride through the rain, reduce your speed, as stopping distances can increase. Try to avoid leaning significantly on turns and bends, which often goes along with a reduction in speed.



  • Watch for rainbow on the road


When riding and you see a colored rainbow on the ground, watch it ! There are chances that it’s oil. When rain first starts after many days of dry weather, it’s when it’s the most dangerous since there’s a lot of oil and dirt on the road. Wait an hour or two for the rain to wash away the oil/dirt before riding since the road surfaces are at their slipperiest. If it’s just drizzle, then the road will remain slippery.



  • Use the right brake


When you need to brake, apply more rear brake than normal. If your front wheel starts sliding you’ll be on the floor, if your rear wheel slides you can easily correct. Do not brake strongly if possible. Brake gently !



  • Maintain your motorcycle’s parts


Proper maintenance of your machinery is important in every riding situation, but it plays a surprisingly big role in wet weather conditions. Track your tire wear. When the wear bars begin to show, you will begin to have compromised traction in your tires if there is water on the road. The same rule applies in maintaining proper air pressure in your tires. Manufacturers design the tire tread to operate with a particular contact patch shape. If your tires are either over- or under-inflated, you’ll have less traction available because the grooves can’t channel the water away as effectively.

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  • Improve your vision


During rain, your vision is impaired by many factors. So, anything you can do to keep your vision clear is important. First, don’t wear a tinted visor. It’s already darker in the rain. When the small drops fall on your visor at normal speed, the best remedy is to wipe your visor with your glove. At highway speeds, briefly turning your head left and right will allow the air-flow to push the droplets off your visor.




Regardless of the season, through proper preparation and the use of the right equipment and gear, you can safely enjoy your motorcycle year-round. This rainy season, don’t step back! Get equipped and ready to go ahead!


Blog by: Yashaswi Surana


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