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Insurance for all – Because We Care

Insurance for all – Because We Care


People today are more concerned with paying their expense bills, bike servicing bills or any other bills rather than purchasing a life insurance. BUT, how would those bills get paid if you were no longer around?


Keeping in mind the importance of life of our valued customers, we, Helmets Nepal officially announce our Free Life Insurance Policy.  


Under this policy, if you purchase any safety gear* from Helmets Nepal, you shall get a Free Life Insurance Policy starting from Nrs. 1,00,000 with no additional cost, all because #WeCare !


How do we avail for the insurance?

It’s simple! All you need to do is show a valid government approved I.D. (Citizenship card or Driving License) and bring along two passport sized photographs.


Do we pay for the premium amount?

No! Free means Free with no additional cost. All your cost of insurance is upon us!


Is it available for both inside and outside valley customers?

Currently, the insurance scheme is available only for customer inside Kathmandu Valley.


On what basis would the insurance amount be determined?

Based upon the worth of the safety gear that you purchase, the insurance claim amount shall be designed accordingly.


As a means of Corporate Social Responsibility, we, Helmets Nepal aim to provide greater value to you in proportionate to what you pay for.


Our concern is Your Safety. Our concern is You.


Blog By: Yashaswi Surana

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