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The How-To Motorcycle Repair Blog!

The How-To Motorcycle Repair Blog!

Have you ever been stuck in between of the road due to your motorbike failure? Then this blog is for you!

Well, all hobbies don’t’ come easy. If you own a motorcycle, you should know a thing or two about basic maintenance and repair.

Here’s how to fix the common motorcycle problems that you might face:

Flat Tire

If the handle bars become shaky or the steering feels off, it might mean you have a flat tire. Don’t slam on the brakes, instead simply slow down and pull over to inspect the tires. If the damaged tire is tubeless, use your tire repair kit to remove the object and plug the punctured hole. If your tires have tubes or you don’t feel confident about plugging the hole safely, contact a mechanic or a roadside assistance service.


Dead Battery

No one wants a dead battery, especially on a motorcycle. A basic jump start should do the trick, but, if you’re alone, use the push start method. Turn the ignition and engine kill switches on, then put the bike in neutral and push it on a slight downhill section of the road. As the bike speeds up, shift into second gear and release the clutch quickly. Avoid a dead battery altogether! Ride your motorcycle at least 5 hours per week to keep it fully charged.


Loose Chain or Belt

If your bike feels loose or jerks as you switch gears, then you might have a loose chain or belt. This repair could be as easy as adjusting the tension. Use the index marks as a guide to align the chain properly while you tighten it. If this doesn’t solve the problem, the chain or belt might need to be replaced. Be sure to keep the chain lubricated at all times.


Fuel Contamination

When motorcycles are left unused for longer periods of time, the gas that’s sitting in the tank can clog the fuel system. Simply add a fuel stabilizer to prevent this contamination.



If your bike’s electrics – the lights and so on – work, but it just won’t start, then you could have a problem with your spark plugs. It’s an easy fix so it’s worth checking if they’re the cause.



First, pull the cap off the spark plug, and clean the area around the base. Unscrew the plug from the cylinder head and take a closer look. Use a feeler gauge to measure the gap between the two electrodes. If it’s too wide, you may be able to bend it back into place.

Are there any cracks or chips? Have the tips of the electrodes worn down and rounded off? These are all signs you need a replacement.

To replace the plug, ease it into the cylinder head until the washer rests against it. Do this by hand as much as possible, to avoid damage to the plug. Fit the spark plug cap again, and you’re done.

Not getting a good throttle response

If you are not getting a good throttle response then there are couple of things you can check for. For instance first thing will be the carburetor tuning along with the engine tuning. Check for the air filter, fuel filter & the spark plugs. If the problem still persists then you should check the quality of the fuel too. Now these are the major things you should check for first.

To make your observation vaster you can also check the coils whether they are providing enough sparks at the right time. You can also check your acceleration cable. We often forget about it but as time passes by, rusts start building inside the cable as it is prone to open air. You can also check whether your clutch plates are ok or not


Before you get your hands on any of the problems, always make sure you refer to the service manual first.

Secondly, you will need some basic & special hand tools. Always carry the tools along with you for avoiding the hassle in future.


Regular maintenance on any vehicle is important. Monitor the oil and fuel levels, test the brakes regularly, and check the tires’ pressure and traction. Bring your motorcycle to a professional mechanic if problems arise that you can’t solve yourself.



Blog by: Yashaswi Surana

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