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Helmets Nepal Launches their EMI Service.

Helmets Nepal Launches their EMI Service.


Sometimes our budget becomes an obstacle for our safety. To ensure that each person can afford proper safety gear, we, Helmets Nepal, officially incorporated the E.M.I service into our business. This is the first time that an after sales automotive company has done so.

The Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) scheme is available on all our products worth NRs 10,000/- and above for the credit card holders of various banks. The plans for the EMI service are 6 months, 12 months and 18 months, depending on the banks policy.

Being the first of its kind in the industry, we have partnered with top notch commercial banks such as Laxmi Bank, Prabhu Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Mega Bank and Nabil Bank and many more banks will be added as the time progresses.

The E.M.I’s provision will vary as per the bank’s provision and payment system.

The below table explains the same for banks that we are currently partnered with:

Bank Provision
Prabhu All products above 10,000/-
Std. Chartered All products above 10,000/-
Mega All products above 20,000/-
Nabil All products above 20,000/-
Laxmi All products above 10,000/-

The EMI Scheme chart is as below:

  • Nrs.10,000/- @ 555/month
  • Nrs.15,000/- @ 833/month
  • Nrs.20,000/- @ 1111/month
  • Nrs.25,000/- @ 1388/month
  • Nrs.30,000/- @ 1666/month
  • Nrs.35,000/- @ 1944/month
  • Nrs.40,000/- @ 2222/month
  • Nrs.45,000/- @ 2500/month
  • Nrs.50,000/- @ 2777/month and so on.
(*Note: The EMI interests charged vary with banks and Helmets Nepal will not be the bearer of the Interest. Do consult your respective banks about the EMI interest charges.)

In order to use the E.M.I service, there are four simple steps that the customer needs to follow : –

  1. Visit our showroom at : 1st floor, Mandala Bhawan, Maitighar.
  2. Choose the product which is above Nrs. 10,000/-, receive the quotation from us any submit it to any of the above mentioned banks.
  3. Get the confirmation letter and submit it to our showroom.
  4. Once confirmed, take away the product home.


If you hold the credit card for either Prabhu Bank or Standard Chartered Bank, the EMI scheme is much simpler. It only requires the swipe of a card to get hold of your safety gears.

The thing to be considered before taking the EMI scheme is that one needs to be a credit card holder.

This gives rise to another question of, How to get a credit card in Nepal? And rest assured it is very EASY!

First thing’s first, you must be at least 18 years old to apply for the credit card in Nepal.

The Documents required by the banks are:

  1. Salary Certificate if salaried
  2. Financial Statements if self employed
  3. Copy of citizenship/passport
  4. Recent photo
  5. Duly signed Debit Authority
  6. Corporate Guarantee (if required)
(Note: The process may not be same for all banks, so do consult with your bank about the procedure.)

Once your documents are verified and you meet the eligibility criteria, you can access the credit card from the banks. For any further specifications, you may visit the banks and ask for the process to be carried out.

The common misconception of credit cards being out of reach for the general public are completely false. With the aim to mobilize more people to adopt safety gears for their protection, we believe we can fulfill our goal.


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