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The meaning behind “Drudi Performance”.

The meaning behind “Drudi Performance”.

The meaning behind “Drudi Performance”

Have you ever seen “Drudi Performance” written on a Helmet?

If yes, you’ve probably wondered what it actually means. Let us tell you what it’s all about.

An Italian guy, named as Altro Drudi is the person behind the term Drudi Performance. We all have probably heard the name Valentino Rossi and always envied his helmets and its designs. Drudi is the guy behind the designs that Rossi wears on. If you can identify a rider by his helmet and leathers, chances are Aldo Drudi designed them.

Drudi Performance is the logo of the designs created by Altro Drudi. Each design created is inspired either from the technicals of the bike or the graphics around him. He has been hugely influential in turning a rider’s helmet into not just a safety feature, but a canvas and a way for the rider to express themselves and delight their fans.

So riders, next time you see the logo or text written, will you know what does that really mean? 

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