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I was a small boy aged eleven or twelve when I started riding bikes. I feel that the passion was inbuilt in me since the early days of childhood itself

Shreyash Poudel

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As our small step in awaring people about safety and the importance of safety gears, we cover the mishaps stories of riders and share their thoughts and experiences.

Sushan Maharjan

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Accidents happen unannounced so it's better to be prepared all the time

Luzaw Sayami

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Our Testimonials

Visited today to get some chain cleaner and lube and some additional information. Was very delighted to see how attentive the staffs were. Having recently experienced a bad costumer service (a new motorcycle parts and accessories shop in Jhamsikhel). You guys are way ahead in the costumer service game. Yes maybe a bit more expensive than other local shops but i wouldn’t hesitate to pay an extra buck based on the service provided. Keep it up.

Utsav KC

Even I loved it specially their customer service. It is a top notch. And the store is beautiful. Well done guys! It is a one stop destination for all the helmet needs. I think the pricing is not that bad because they provide quality products. Keep up the good work. 5 star for sure!

Victor David

Everything is great. Visiting the place yourself is great. The staff who tended to me was knowledgeable and knew what she was talking about, and didn’t hesitate to impart information that I’d requested for.
My Studds Shifter purchase was cool, and the price isn’t hiked too high, to my relief 

I believe that Steelbird helmets were priced a tad higher than their corresponding Indian prices.
But my Studds helmet is cool. I’m liking it 

Divesh Upreti

The place is great & the staffs are very nice. They’ll treat you well and the products are pretty good so far.

Bhaivab Panday

I am really satisfied with the product. Thanks a lot. Hope to shop with you more on future. Keep it up.

Sofy Shrestha

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